Problems or Ideas

Michael Seibel has a nice short video on “How to Get and Test Startup Ideas”. It made me think about a couple of things:

  • I really liked his making the case for keeping a “Problems” list, the same way some, like me, keep an “Ideas” list. Both the problems and the ideas are valuable and are not mutually exclusive. An idea can be based on a problem you run into. And the idea can help you find other problems you can solve.
  • It is extremely valuable to have a side-kick. Someone you can discuss the problems you face with, brainstorm and bounce ideas off of. It is also way more fun. I think process of innovating should be enjoyable on its own, because waiting for the end result is too uncertain to expect your joy coming from it.
  • Thinking about who your initial customers are is as good in keeping you grounded as is thinking about the current and past competition. Both valuable.

Packs tons of inspiration in just 6 minutes which is not very common these days:



Progress: the concept that individuals, and humanity in general, move forward and improve based on a steady increase of knowledge and the wisdom that comes from conquering adversity;

It’s a thought from Ben Franklin’s biography by Walter Isaacson. It’s an interesting perspective. Are we putting ourselves into situations where we conquer adversity often enough? Do we gain wisdom or knowledge from that?