Day 7

Weight: 83.6 I weighted in the evening, so it's not really comparable with the weight on the other days. Workout: Rest day Food: High calorie/cheating day 10:00 - 5 scrambled eggs, nuts, salad and marrows 15:30 - sea wolf fish, salad, apricots, ice cream 22:30 - steaks, nuts, apricots, bananas.

Day 6

Weight: 82.7 Apparently not fasting on Friday immediately made me gain kg in a day. I also increased my salt intake a bit, which might also have contributed to the weight with some water retention. Today was a rest day. I drove ~500km though and didn't sleep too much so probably won't help too much … Continue reading Day 6

Day 5

Weight: 81.7 The fasting isn't working obviously. Will try a new strategy -- Monday through Thursday: 15 hour fast every day with BCAA when I'm skipping meals; Friday through - Sunday: no fasting. Workout: Weightlifting It's my third day working on heavy weights and pretty much my whole body is very tired. It was supposed … Continue reading Day 5

Day 4

Weight: 81.4 I guess my attempts to gain weight are very efficient at loosing weight. Maybe I should prescribe it as an official weight-loss diet - eat as much as you can, even more and loose weight. I should become a millionaire very quickly. Anyways, I think my stomach was more empty than usual this … Continue reading Day 4

Day 3

Weight: 82.0kg I was pretty disappointed when I stepped on the scale this morning. I was definitely eating a lot more calories the last few days. Not sure why I didn't gain any weight. It might be the 15 hours fast I do every day. Will try to bump the calories a bit more and … Continue reading Day 3

Day 1

Weight: 82.0kg Workout Warm-up: stretching, bodyweight exercises, light weightlifting EMOTM 5x3 Snatch @ 50kg 5x3 Clean @ 70kg Warm-up: few lighter weight sets of each exercise Upper body hypertrophy 4x8 Close grip bench - 8, 8, 7, 6 @ 80kg 4x8 One-Arm Dumbbell Row - 10, 10, 10, 10 @ 27.5kg 4x8 Side Lateral Raise … Continue reading Day 1