Next 4 weeks cycle

There’s a weightlifting meet on the 29th this month, so I’m going to shift my training to focus on that.

Main Focuses:

1. Weightlifting PRs.

On Friday I did 115kg Clean & Jerk and an 84kg Snatch ( wasn’t a good snatch day ).
The goal: Have 120kg Clean & Jerk and 97kg Snatch by the meet.

2. Losing weight

This morning I was: 84.7kg with 13.4% fat
The goal: Get down to 80kg by the meet.

3. Do not get (more) injured

I still feel the back injury, which is not ideal. My current strategy for preventing it getting bad again is:
a) Very good warm-ups, with a lot of core work.
b) A lot of stretching after every workout.
c) Maintaining perfect positioning during all exercises, without overloading very often.

4. Skill/accessory:
I don’t particularly care about these during this 4 week iteration, but would be nice to see some improvement.
a) Develop aerobic base. My current aerobic base is pretty terrible. Yesterday did 4.13 km | 34:09 @ 8:17 min/km with 141 HR. It was split in two parts, so I guess it’s even worse.
b) Skill work on the muscle-ups. On good days I can do a couple of sets of 1 strict muscle-up.
c) Skill work on the double-unders. On good days I can string ~30 reps and ~1 on bad days.

The Program

– Weightlifting @ 90%
– Skill / accessory work

– Morning Squats @ 75%
– Morning Clean Pulls @ 75%
– 45min Aerobic conditioning

– Weightlifting @ 80-85%
– Skill / accessory work

– Morning Squats @ 75%
– Morning Snatch Pulls @ 75%

– Weightlifting @ 100%
– Squats @ 90-100%
– Skill / accessory work
– 45min Aerobic conditioning

– Squats @ 90-100%
– Weightlifting @ 75%
– Skill / accessory work

– Morning Squats @ 75%
– Morning Snatch Pulls @ 75% ( the last 2 weeks )
– 45min Aerobic conditioning

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