New snatch PR

Doing some squatting every day makes wonders. Currently trying to go with at least 80kg every day. Also planning to add one day of heavy weightlifting a week.

On Friday I hit a new snatch PR – 95kg. The lifts were fun too:

warm-up sets, 1×80, 1×85, 1×89 – fail, 1×89 – fail, 1×89, 1×92 easy, 1×95 PR, 2×80 – failed the first

Also matched my clean & jerk max – 115kg. So quite happy with that.

On the Saturdays, I switched to doing a heavy front squat doubles before the weightlifting. So this Saturday I went with:

2×105, 2×110, 2×105

Not quite happy with my progress on the conditioning and my other priorities though. Specifically the muscle-ups and the double-unders. I don’t spend quite enough time on these, so going to try and change that this week.

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