Long time no log

I’ve been quite busy lately, so I’m going to recap how things are going overall in the last week(s).

0) Injuries

– The lower back is getting better little by little.
– The upper back started getting better and then I did some bad choices during paused front squat, so not sure if it’s very good now.
– My right knee hurts some days and some workouts. I think it’s a combination of inflammation and too much explosiveness during the heavy weightlifting days.

1) Weightlifting

– Snatched up to 88kg. Failed on 90kg last Friday but that was more of a one-off. I think I have an easy 90 in me right now.
– Cleaned 108kg last time

2) Conditioning

– Try to do “something” every workout. Also I’m doing all the weightlifting with short rests, so it adds up to conditioning as well.

3) Catch-up Tuesdays

Since I workout at home on the Tuesdays, I’m trying to catch up on the exercises I’m not very good at. There a few things I work on:
– My everyday squats. 3×3 at a well controlled weight. Should rotate between paused/non-paused, front/back but I don’t really. I do only paused front squats for now. I’m going to change it at some point.
– Rings work – muscle-ups and dips
– High rep Romanian (or other) deadlift to strengthen the back.
– Double-unders
– Handstand push-ups

For today I have planned:

1) 3×3 Paused front squats, rest 1:30
2a) 5 x Strict Ring Pull-ups + 5x Strict ring dips
2b) 15 x Romanian deadlift @ 40kg

3 rounds of:

400m Slow HR running
30 Double-unders
400m Slow HR running
10 HR push-ups

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