Slowly recovering

This time, my back doesn’t want to recover very quickly, so I’ve been slowly ramping up the weights until it gets strong (or breaks again). Also combining it with lots of stretching, core strength exercises and intense warm-ups.


Haven’t put more than 80kg on the Snatch the last week. Most workouts are with very high intensity, barely waiting for my breathing to recover before starting a new set. Today I got an easy 85kg Snatch. C&J has been limited to 105kg.


Front Squat – working to get back to my triple pauses daily squats with 90kg. Taking it slowly because of the back again.

Did 3 days of MU drills.


Started to use the fact that I can’t go heavy, as a motivation to do more conditioning. Did a 20min row with 154 heartbeat with ~2:27 pace and plan on doing more of these.

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