Alright, I tweaked my lower back. Should’ve seen this coming with all the PRs the last few weeks and the maxes that I’m trying every week.

I’m on the ice and reparil every few hours. Also using some back tweak fixes from Kelly:



1) 3×2 Snatch @ 75% (70kg) + 1×4 @ 65% (60kg)

2) 3×2 Clean & Jerk @ 80% (90kg)


1) Find a maximum Paused Back Squat — 3×90, 3×100, 3×110, 3×115, 3×120

On the last rep of the last set it got heavy and I let my back fall behind a little bit on the way up. That’s when the tweak happened.

Session over.

Going to try and do some light exercises this evening; maybe some weightlifting with the bar if that’s even possible right now.

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