It’s all good. Mostly.

Ok, so I went to the gym. And I can still move. Moving those injured tissues is magical.


1) Tons of slow stretching, trying to get into the correct weightlifting position, stretching with bands

2) Back extensions, sit-ups, slow weightlifting position drills with pipe


1) Some Snatches

Plan was to try to start and work up to whatever I can. Hoped I’d be able to work with the bar.

5×20, 5×20, 5×30, 4×40, 2×50, 2×60, 2×60, 2×60

2) Some Clean & Jerks

3×40, 2×50, 2×60, 2×60, 2×60

There was some pain but it was manageable and by the end of the workout I didn’t even feel pain in the back.


2km run

Took it easy. Finished in 12:10.


1) Stretched all tired muscles and worked on restoring good positions.

2) Band stretching on the posterior chain using the contract-and-release method.

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