Back in shape



1) Establish a 1RM Snatch, rest as needed

– 2 failed attempts @ 89kg
– made a good attempt at 89kg
– made a successful attempt at 92kg, after a little struggle at the bottom
– finished with 2 reps @ 75kg

2) Establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk, rest as needed

– made a good attempt at 105kg
– failed at 110kg, was too tired already
– finished with 2 reps @ 90kg


1) 3×3 Paused Front Squat @ 90, 95, 95kg


Didn’t really have time to do what I had planned so ended up doing:

200m Plate Carry with 15kg
9 Power Snatches @ 50kg



1) 3×3 Snatch @ 70kg

2) 3×2 Clean & Jerk @ 90kg

Figured out two important things about my C&J technique today, so pretty happy about it:
– my starting position should be with closer feet and hands
– after the bump, my feet should not widen very much
– on the re-grip after I stand-up, I should put my hands as wide as possible


1) 3×3 Paused Back Squat @ 110, 105, 105kg

2) 3×3 Snatch pull @ 95kg

3) 3×3 Clean pull @ 115kg

4) 3×3 Strict C2B pull-ups


“Karen” (sort of):

150 Thrusters with 20kg

For time.

Had to break it up a lot. Finished in 12:13.

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