Working towards heavy weights again



1) 4×1 heavy but non-maximal Snatch, used 80kg
2) 3×1 heavy but non-maximal C&J, used 100kg


1) 3×3 paused front squat @ 90kg


EMOM for 7:00-
3 Muscle-Ups (blue band)
5 Front Squats @ 60% ( +clean @ 50kg )

Then, with the clock still running…

EMOM for as long as possible (until 14:00)-
5 Muscle-Ups
7 Front Squats @ 60%

*Stop when you can no longer perform the work within the minute, do not do any more after this.

Completed 2 rounds of the 2nd part.



1) 3×3 light Snatch, used 70kg
2) 3×2 light C&J, used 90kg


1) 3×100 paused back squat

For time:

30 Strict HSPU
Run 1 Mile
30 Strict HSPU


Active Recovery

Went for a 10K hike.

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