Post Junk Sunday

My died yesterday was terrible. A cocktail of trans fat, refined sugar and omega 6 under different forms. Needless to say, I couldn’t sleep well and didn’t feel recovered much.


1) Triple bump paused Front Squat:
4×3 @ 95 kg

2) Power snatch technique:
Worked up to 65kg

3a) 5X2 Pullups + 3 C2B Pullups + ME bar-to-chest hold, rest 90 sec.

3b) 4X10 Back Squats (timed sets) – work to a close to a true maximal set of 10 (go to failure or near failure) and note time for each set, rest 90 sec.

Had planned 75, 85, 95, 105, but I felt pain in the right knee on the 3rd set so I stopped. The next round gave it another shot, but I just didn’t have it anymore. Will try not to push for speed next week and focus on technique.

75kg – 24sec
85kg – 32sec
95kg – 6 reps only
95kg – 6 reps only


1) Snatch: Work to a heavy triple
warm-up sets, 3×70, 4×75 (failed the 3rd and went for a 4th)

I feel like I could’ve done it on 80kg, but ran out of time.

10 rounds of:
5 pull-ups
10 wall-balls @ 10kg
15 swings @ 24kg

I started really really hot, trying to keep pace with a national-level swimmer. Which was stupid. I gassed on the 5th round and got a very annoying side stitch. Had to stop until it passed. Finished in 19:32. Three lessons from this:

a) My capacity sucks. I need to do more capacity work.
b) I need to pace better and try to keep a steady pace for the longer workouts. Even leave more power for the 2nd part of the workout.
c) I need to add in some rise and/or potatoes in my died if I’m going to handle these type of workouts.

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