“Back” in the game

Feeling better today. The lower back injury didn’t seem to bother me during the day, but the upper back injury did.

– Alternated hollow and arch holds.
– Spent quite some time with a training bar and the empty bar. Working on weightlifting positions slowly and then explosively.


Snatch: warm-up sets, 2×75, 1×80, 1×80, 1×80, 1×80, 2×70
Clean&Jerk: warm-up sets, 1×90, 1×100, 1×100, 1×100, 1×100, 2×90

Tried to rest minimally between the sets. The goal was EMOTM but with all the weights loading it wasn’t going to happen.

1a) 4×3 Paused Front Squat @ 90
1b) 4x(3 chest to bar strict pull-ups + 2 pull-ups with 5 second chest-level hold)

EMTOM for 6min
3 cleans @ 60kg
7 burpees

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