Weight and Volume

Weight: 87.2


Snatch: warm-up sets, 2×70, 1×75, 1×75, 1×80, 1×80, 1×80, 1×85(f), 1×85(f), 1×80, 2×70
Clean & Jerk: warm-up sets, 2×90, 1×100, 1×105, 1×105, 2×90


1a) 3×3 Paused Front Squat @ 100kg, rest 90sec
1b) 3×5 High pull-up holds


3 rounds of:

1:00 ME Strict HSPU

4:00 AMRAP of:

7 Power Clean & Push Jerks @ 60kg
14 Bar Facing Burpees

1:00 Rest

The HSPUs died after the first round, so I ended doing 4s/5s. For the AMRAP I completed the C&Js of the 2nd round and a few burpees every time.

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