Happy quads

Went to the weightlifting gym on Wednesday for a heavy day.

warm-up sets, 2×75, 1×80, 1×84 (ugly), 1×84 (better), 1×87, 1×89 (f), 2×70

warm-up sets, 1×90, 1×100, 1×105, 1×110, 2×90

Quite happy about the success at 110kg — it has been quite some time since I’ve managed to do these.

Front Squat:
3×100, 3×100, 3×100, 5×95, 5×95

It was the first time I’m doing fives at 95kg so that was also good.

Back at home, I wanted to go for a good PR on the 2K row, but it just wasn’t going to happen. Started hot and then my pace degraded to snail-pace. Still, my first attempt at 2K fast row – 7:52min. I’ll take it.


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