My first CrossFit competition


Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 9 minutes of:
15 toes-to-bars
10 deadlifts (115 / 75 lb.)
5 snatches (115 / 75 lb.)

1-rep-max clean and jerk
6-minute time cap

Finished with 4 rounds and 6 T2B (126 total reps) and a 102.5 clean & jerk.

I wanted to redo it on Monday for a few reasons, but I started getting sick and my lower back is too tired to hit the workout hard again safely on Monday.
Anyways, lessons learned:

1. Should’ve started breaking the toes-to-bar more from the beginning (4-4-4-3 maybe).
2. I have to work on my T2B efficiency as to not to use a big swing, but push the swing right-down under the bar. Also the bar should be high enough, so I can feel comfortable.
3. I shouldn’t drop the bar on light snatches. It both slows me down and tires me more.

It was super fun and I love the excitement!


Went do the weightlifting gym.

warm-up sets, 2×75, 2×75, 2×75, 3×70

Clean & Jerk:
warm-up sets, 2×90, 2×90, 2×90

Front Squat:
3×100, 3×100, 3×100

Clean Pull:
3×90, 3×90, 3×90

Snatch Pull:
3×110, 3×110, 3×110


Did a slow 5K row at home and finished with 5min EMOTM of 10 HR push-ups.

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