Working on the DUs

warm-up sets, 1×75, 1×80, 1×84, 1×87(f), 1×87, 1×89(f), 1×89(f), got tired at this point, 2×75(f) 1×70

Clean & Jerk:
warm-up sets, 1×90, 1×100, 1×105, 1×110, 1×113(f), 2×90

Front Squat:
2×110, 2×110, 2×110


10 DUs
1 Bench Press @ 90kg
1 Strict pull-up
10 DUs
2 Bench Press @ 90kg
2 Strict pull-up

10 DUs
4 Bench Press @ 90kg
4 Strict pull-up

Ran out of time to finish it, my plan was to go until I can’t do a pull-up or a bench press. It was a nice exercise for my double-unders though.

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