Run, Iliya, run

Yesterday's workout: Strength Front Squat: warm-up sets, 3x100, 3x110, 3x115 WOD 4 rounds of: 200m run 8 deadlifts @ 100kg 16 wall balls @ 10kg 24 push-ups It was fun. Started a little too hot and didn't have anything left in the tank for the last round, especially for the push-ups. Finished in 14:32.

Heavy weightlifting

Snatch: warm-up sets, 2x70, 1x75, 1x80, 1x83, 1x86, 1x88(f), 1x88(f), 1x88(f), 2x75 Clean&Jerk: warm-up sets, 1x90, 1x100, 1x105(f), 2x90 Front Squat with bump: 3x100, 3x100, 3x100, 5x90, 5x90 15 min EMOTM, rotating the exercises: 5x80kg bench press 5x110kg deadlift 5 pull-ups

Conditioning is improving

Weight: 87.3kg Waist: No clue Went to the local CrossFit gym. Strength Deficit handstand push-ups: 20 reps (not for time) Clean: 5x20, 5x50, 3x70, 3x80, 3x90, 2x100, 2x100 WOD 21-15-9 Push press @ 40kg Knees-to-elbows Box jumps Didn't break anything down. Took a few breaths before every exercise though. Finished in 7:29.