Moving forward

Weight: 86.5
Waist: N/A


warm-up sets, 2×70, 2×75, 1×80, 1×83, 1×86(f), 1×86(f), 1×86(f), 3×75

I keep failing on the 86s, but I’m not too worried. I’ll get there within a 3-4 workouts.

warm-up sets, 2×80, 1×90, 1×100, 1×105, 2×90

Front Squat with hold&bump at the bottom:
2×90, 2×100, 2×103, 2×103

Slowly adding weight to my front squats which is nice and PRs are soon going to come on the weightlifting movements.


50 over-the-bar burpees for time, with 3 pull-ups every 30th second

With 7min until the gym closes, I was able to get to 43 burpees and apparently I missed some of the pull-ups rounds. Next time going to try the pull-ups to be on every minute.

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