Workouts update


Had only 22min to figure out a workout. So I did.

Front Squat:
warm-up sets, 2×90, 2×95, 2×100, 2×105, 2×110

9min AMRAP:
5 snatches @ 60kg
5 strict dips
5 strict pull-ups

Finished 3 rounds and 3 snatches. Since I started the snatches with no warm-up whatsoever, I tweaked my knee and shoulder.


Had more time to do more work on my weightlifting.

warm-up sets, 2×70, 1×75, 1×80, 1×84, 1×86(f), 1×86(f), 1×86(f), 3×70

warm-up sets, 2×90, 1×100, 1×105(f), 1×105(f), 2×90

Front Squat with hold-n-bump at the bottom:
2×90, 2×95, 1×100, 2×95

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