Back on the PR track

Weight: 86.5kg Waist: N/A Strength 10 Back Squats: 20-40-60-80-100-110(f) It was nice that I was able to complete the 100kg round. Last time I was done on 90kg. WOD 2-4-6-8-10 of: Power clean @ 50kg Ring dips Shuttle Finished in 7:12min. Finisher 3x30m of farmer's walk with half-bodyweight in each hand.

Workouts update

Friday Deadlift: Warm-up sets, 3 reps every 10kg, 3x3x120 20min AMRAP 5 pull-ups 15 thrusters @ 35 15 windshield swings Finished 6 rounds and 5 reps. Saturday Snatch: Warm-up sets, 2x65, 2x70, 1x75, 1x80, 1x83, 1x85f, 1x85f, 1x85f, 2x75, 3x70 C&J: ... , 1x90, 1x100f, 1x100, 2x90 Bump Front Squats: 2x90, 3x95, 3x100, 3x100, 3x100