The Inman Mile (sort of)

Went to CrossFit Park City for the 7:00am class with my friend Nick from Automattic.

3 Rounds of:
100m Jog
10 Lunges with twists
10 Calve Stretches
6 Rolling V-ups
Then we ended the warm-up with some stretching.

The workout was a team “Inman Mile”. Partnered with Nick and we were supposed to use the average of our weights (195lbs) but we ended up using 185#.
We switched at about every 200 meters and decided not to drop the bar at all but to pass it from one’s back to other’s front rack. Completed the one mile in 17:08min.

Finished the workout with a fun game – 5 rounds of Rowling. We had to do exactly 100meters of rowing and for each meter that’s over or under that we had to do 1 burpee. I think on all five rounds I didn’t have to do more than 5 burpees per round.

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