Some conditioning work

Weight: 87.4kg
Waist: 81.0cm

Did some conditioning work the last two days.

Power clean: up to 102.5kg for 1 rep, it was pretty light.

Yesterday’s WOD #1

3 rounds for time of:

21xSDHP @ 40kg
15xRing Dips
9xPower cleans @ 40kg
200m run

Finished last and with a time 15:54. I’m so out of shape. Especially on the runs. Also I forgot to do kipping on the dips and got tired pretty quickly on them.

Today I decided to go for WOD #2:

6 rounds of:
400m power lap
15sec rest
200m jogging

The times on the power laps were:

1:46, 1:49, 1:44, 1:43, 1:58, 1:44

I plan on doing this workout often so I can push my times down to the 1:30 range. I’m happy that I could mostly sustain the same pace on all power laps.

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