Adding more weight

Weight: 88.4
Waist: N/A

Lots and lots of fails on the snatches today. As seen on the video. But the workout felt much better than the previous one. A few things I feel I improved since the last workout:

– I was pulling with the arms and extending the torso at the same time. It made for a great explosion.
– Hitting the bar higher allows me to go for full extension.
– I started grabbing the bar with my hands closer. I think this way my left hand hurts a lot less.

What went wrong:
– The biggest thing is that I need to concentrate on moving the bar closer to my body. All of my misses, where I pulled high enough, I wasn’t able to stabilize the bar when I catch it and dropped it when getting up.

4×20, 4×40, 4×50, 3×60, 3×65, 2×70, 2×75, 2×75, 1×80, 1×83, 1×83, 1×83, 1×80, 3×70+1×60

Clean & Jerk:
2×60, 2×70, 2×80, 2×90, 1×100, 1×105, 1×107, 2×90

Back Squat:
2×120, 2×120, 2×120, 3×115, 3×115

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