Working on technique

Weight: 91.0
Waist: 82.5

Yesterday’s weightlifting session was tough. Quite tough.

The last 2 days I changed my sleep habits – going to bed at 4am and getting up at 12pm. Apparently that _does_ matter a lot because I wasn’t recovered from the previous workout at all.

Also all the confidence I had in my technique is now gone. Apparently I’m hitting the bar forward when exploding instead of upwards and I’m not pulling with my upper body enough.

Rope Jumps

4×20, 4×40, 4×50, 3×60, 3×65, 3×65, 1×65+2×60, 1×65+2×60

Clean & Jerk:
2×60, 2×80, 3×85, 3×85, 3×80

Back Squat:
3×80, 3×110, 3×110, 3×110

Close grip bench press:
5×20, 5×50, 5×80, 5×80, 5×80, 5×80

3×6-8 wide grip
2×6-8 chin-ups


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