Finally started getting it

Weight: 90.6
Waist: 82.5

Went for a quick weightlifting session today.

Rope jumps

4×20, 4×40, 3×50, 3×60, 2×65, 2×70, 2×75, 3x75f (made only one), 2×70, 3×60

The snatches started feeling really good lately. I feel like I started feeling them. They key points are:
– Concentrate on the bar traveling only up and backwards. Never to the front.
– Flex the back muscles, which would block the shoulders from rolling backwards with the bar.
– When the explosion happens make sure you’re pulling the bar behind you, as if you’re going to do a suplex on the bar.
– Don’t move with the bar the whole time. After the explosion there should be a separation. Explode and immediately move under the bar to receive it.

Clean & Jerk:
3×60, 2×80, 1×90, 1×95, 1×100, 2×90

Felt good on all of these.

Front Squat:
2×110(1s 1f), 2×105, 2×110, 2×110

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