Starting to feel the snatch again!

Weight: 89.6
Waist: 82.5

Couldn’t reset as much as I wanted this weekend but went to the gym in the morning anyways.

Yoga stretches
Some rope-jumping but not too much, as my shins started hurting
Snatch positions

4×20, 3×40, 3×50, 3×60, 3×60, 3×60, 2×65, 2×70(f)

Felt the ones at 60/65 really well. Started “getting” it. The key points were:
– Keep the bar close to the body.
– Bring the elbows up instead of forward.
– Pull the bar as high as possible, as if I’m going to do a power snatch.
– Don’t do additional squatting. Once I catch the bar, start standing up instead of going down more.

2×60, 2×80, 2×90, 2×90, 2×90

Front Squat:
2×100, 2×110, 2×110, 2×110(f)

Decided to do some upper body hypertrophy exercises as well:
3×6 close grip bench press @ 80kg
4×6 wide grip strict pull-ups
3×10 shoulder lateral raises
3×12 dumbbell biceps curls
3×12 triceps push-downs

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