Moar jet lag

Weight: 89.5
Waist: 82.5

Still pretty messed up by the jet lag. Woke super early and went for a 7am workout.

Yoga stretches
Rope jumping: 100-50-30
Snatch positions work

One of my achilles kind of aches from the runs yesterday, so I decided not to push too much on the 30 one legged jumps there.

4×20, 4×40, 3×50, 3×55, 2×60, 2×60, 3×50

2×50, 2×60, 2×70, 2×80, 2×90, 2×90

Both exercises felt a bit wonky. I have lost both technique and strength. Also my wrist hurts really bad when I hold the bar which doesn’t help at all. The bar slipped on my shoulder because of that.

Back Squat:
3×100, 3×110, 3×120

3 x Biceps Curls with a curl bar
3 x Triceps push-backs with a dumbbell


3 rounds of
10 Deadlifts @ 90kg
10 Burpees

Went out of breath pretty quickly and had to break down the deadlifts a lot. Finished in 3:40.

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