A tough day today

Weight: 90.4
Waist: 83.5

Couldn’t sleep too much last night. Also woke up with super painful cramp on my back, which still hurts and the workout didn’t really help.

Workout: Heavy Weightlifting

Yoga Stretches
MWod exercises for my shoulders
Rope Jumping: 100-20-20
Snatch progressions

Squat Snatch:
5×20, 4×40, 3×50, 2×60, 2×65, 1×70, 1×75(f), 1×75(f), 1×70, 2×65, 4×60(f)

Squat Clean & Split Jerk:
2×60, 2×70, 1×80, 1×90, 1×95, 1×100, 2×90

Front Squat:
2×80, 2×110, 1×120, 1×120(f), 1×110

On the front squat failed attempt, when dropping the weight it caught my thumb and my index fingers on the way down and now they’re verry sore. Hopefully icing them will get them in a good-enough condition for a workout tomorrow morning.

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