Squat Bounce

Weight: 89.2
Waist: 84.0

Started trying to bounce off my shins during the squats. It was pretty interesting and helps significantly to both squat more easily and cleanly.

The last few kilos I gained made me really fat. Probably related to the fact that I started eating dairy (yoghurt).

Workout: Light Weightlifting

– Yoga stretches.
– Shoulder stretches.
– Kettlebell shoulder exercises.
– Slow snatch progressions with pauses on each phase.

Squat Snatch:
5×20, 5×20, 4×40, 4×50, 2×60, 2×60, 2×60, 4×50

Clean: (no jerks because of my shoulder injury)
3×50, 3×60, 3×70, 2×80, 2×85, 2×90, 2×90, 2×90

Front Squat:
2×100, 2×105, 2×110

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