Day 38

Weight: 85.9
Waist: 83.5

Judging by the increased waist, the weight is probably coming from my huge supper.

Workout: Upper Body Hypertrophy, Lower Body Strength

Front Squat:
5×60, 3×70, 3×80, 3×90, 3×100, 1×110, 3×100, 3×100, 5×90, 5×90

1×130 – here my back snapped

Coming in to this workout I felt a little discomfort in the back but I thought it was an usual muscle pain. On the deadlift, after the snap, it started hurting really really bad.

Finished the workout with:

4×8 Very close grip bench @ 80.0
4×8 Low lateral pull downs @ 50.0
4×8 Shoulders high pull @ 40
4×12 Cable Triceps Pushdown @ 35
3×8 Dumbbell Curls @ 20
3x L-sit holds

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