Day 31*

Weight: 84.3
Waist: 82.0

* It’s not really day 31. I went on a vacation for a week. Didn’t get much sleep or enough food. The aftermath is 1.2kg lost and visible fat gain. Now it’s unrealistic to have 90kg by the 45th day. If everything goes well, I might be able to get 88-89kg though.

Workout: Weightlifting and Upper body hypertrophy

5×20, 5×40, 4×50, 4×50, 4×55, 4×60

Clean and Jerk:
3×50, 3×60, 3×70, 3×80, 3×80, 3×80

Front Squat:
3×90, 1×110, 3×100, 3×100, 3×90, 3×90

4×8 Side Lateral Raise @ 20
3x L-sit holds

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