Day 44 & 45

Weight: 87.3 Waist: 82.5 After yesterday's rest my back feels a lot better and I'm excited about going to workout. Workout: Weightlifting & Upper Body Strength Snatch: 5x20, 5x40, 4x50, 3x60, 2x65, 2x65, 2x65 Clean: 3x50, 3x60, 3x70, 2x80, 2x90, 2x90, 2x80 Bench Press: 5x20, 5x60, 5x80, 5x100, 5x105, 5x105, 5x105, 5x105 Weighted Pull-ups: 6x0, … Continue reading Day 44 & 45

Day 43

Weight: 86.4 Waist: 83 Had a hard time sleeping because of the back pains, but in the morning, I felt good enough to do a workout. Workout: Weightlifting Snatch: 5x20, 5x40, 4x50, 3x55, 2x60, 2x60, 2x60, 2x60 Clean & Jerk: 4x60, 4x60 Clean: 3x70, 3x70, 2x80, 2x80, 2x80, 2x80 4×8 Very close grip bench @ … Continue reading Day 43

Day 42

Weight: 86.4 Waist: 83 Workout: 2K run in 9:51m. I haven't run since last year, so it was kind of weird. Also my back started hurting again so I got back on the ice and the anti inflammatory gel. Hopefully it will start getting better before my tomorrow's weightlifting workout.

Day 41

Weight: 86.3 Waist: 83 My back got a bit better so I went to a weightlifting workout again. Workout: Snatch: 5x20, 5x40, 3x50, 2x60, 2x60, 2x60, 2x60 Clean: 5x50, 5x60, 3x70, 3x80, 2x90, 2x90, 2x90, 2x90 1 hour horseback riding

Day 40

Weight: 87.1 Waist: 82.5 Workout: Weightlifting & Upper Body Strength My back felt a little bit better today so I decided to try some very light workouts. Clean: 5x20, 5x20, 5x40, 5x40, 4x50, 4x50, 4x60, 4x60, 3x70, 3x70, 3x80, 3x80 Snatch: 5x20, 5x20, 4x40, 4x40, 4x50, 4x50, 4x50 5×5 Bench Press @ 90, 100, 110, … Continue reading Day 40

Day 39

Weight: 86.1 Waist: 82.5 I injured my back badly! After sleepless painful night, here comes a day of the same type. The plan for today and tomorrow is put some ice on my back every even hour and put some anti-inflammatory gel (Reparil-gel) every odd hour. In addition to that, get some anti-inflammatory pills (diclofenac). … Continue reading Day 39