Day 27

Weight: 85.9
Waist: 82.0

Skipped the last few days as they were a complete mess. Didn’t eat on schedule, didn’t sleep on schedule and didn’t train anything that I had planned.

On Saturday I did a short light weightlifting session 4×4 squat snatch, 4×4 squat clean and jerk at 50/70kg. Sunday was a mountain biking day, which was supposed to be active recovery but ended up being 40km gruelling ride and my legs are very sore. That, combined with 5 hours average sleep at irregular times ended up draining me quite a bit.

Food: High calories, High carbs

Workout: Weightlifting; Upper Body Hypertrophy

6×20, 6×20, 4×40, 5×50, 5×50, 5×50, 5×50, 5×50

Clean & Jerk:
4×50, 4×60, 4×70, 4×70, 4×70, 4×70

4×8 Close grip bench @ 85
4×8 One-Arm Dumbbell Row @ 42.5
4×8 Side Lateral Raise @ 19
4×12 Cable Triceps Pushdown @ 35
3×8 Dumbbell Curls @ 19
3x L-sit holds

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