Day 15

Weight: 83.8
Waist: 80.6

Workout: light weightlifting; upper body hypertrophy
5×5 @ 50/70 snatch/clean
3×5 @ 70/100 snatch/clean grip deadlifts
3×5 back squat @ 100
4×8 Close grip bench @ 80
4×8 One-Arm Dumbbell Row @ 40
4×8 Side Lateral Raise @ 16.5
4×12 Cable Triceps Pushdown @ 30
3×8 Dumbbell Curls @ 16.5
3x L-sit holds

As it turns out, the “light” weightlifting wasn’t light at all. It took almost hour and a half before I finished the squats. After that I had neither any desire nor any power and will, to so a n upper body workout.

I did it anyway 🙂 about 2,5 hours crushing workout. Got some sweet drink from the bar to gain some glycogen, but still not too happy with the weights I lifted.

Food: Fasting, high calories day
15:00 – pork meat, beef strips, salad, olive oil, sweet juice.
21:00 – a bunch of post-workout carbs, chocolate, bananas, sweet drink, protein powder and creatine.
22:30 – pork steaks, sweet potatoes, nuts

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