Day 14

Weight: 84.4
Waist: 80.5

Workout: Metcon

5×100 swimming intervals

I’m so out of shape with the metcon stuff, but not too worried as it’s pretty easy to catch up.

10:00 – chicken beasts, nuts, protein powder, sweet potatoes.
16:00 – chicken breasts, salad with extra olive oil, avocado, nuts, sweet potatoes.
22:00 – pork streaks, salad

I gained about 1kg overnight, which was pretty weird. My guess is that it was retained water from all the junk food I ate yesterday during my cheating day.
I also feel like I’m getting sick again. Stuffed myself with Vitamin C and I hope it helps..

Yesterday’s workout was weightlifting, something like: 5×3 snatch @ 60kg and 5×3 @ 80 clean and jerk. We went light and focused on improving my technique. At the end I did 4×3 front squat at 100kg.

My elbow is super messed up. Basically after every effort that puts it in a bad position it would start hurting ridiculously and wouldn’t stop until I put ice gel on it:


This is by far the best thing I’ve bought for myself this year.

Today I had to leave the pool early to get to my icy cure, because I couldn’t stand the pain. And I really tried. Luckily lifting weights doesn’t trigger it right now.

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