Day 10

Weight: 83.1
Waist: 80.2

Started losing weight again. I’m done with the everyday fasting for now. Even though I take BCAA, I can’t eat enough food during the day within 8-9 hour window.

Workout: Heavy Weightlifting

5x20kg, 5x30kg, 4x40kg, 3x50kg, 3x55kg, 2x60kg, 2x60kg, 2x60kg, 1x65kg, 1x65kg, 2x60kg, 3x50kg

Clean & Jerk:
4x50kg, 3x60kg, 3x70kg, 2x80kg, 2x80kg, 2x85kg, 1x90kg, 1x90kg, 1x90kg, 2x80kg, 2x80kg

Front squat:
2x80kg, 2x90kg, 2x100kg, 2x100kg, 2x90kg

Started using the hook grip on the cleans today. Felt really really good. It allows me to loosen up my arms and concentrate on the weight explosion.
I also realized my front squat is pretty bad. In order to hit my goals I need to be able to do 2x140kg. I don’t really see it happening in the near future, but we’ll see…

10:00 – 5 eggs, potatoes with cheese, nuts
15:00 – chocolate, beef strips, pork meat, salad
21:30 – pork steaks, fruits, nuts, salad (really a lot of everything)


Somewhat lean at 87kg — earlier this year, before I got super sick and lost 6kg.

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