Day 6

Weight: 82.7

Apparently not fasting on Friday immediately made me gain kg in a day. I also increased my salt intake a bit, which might also have contributed to the weight with some water retention.

Today was a rest day. I drove ~500km though and didn’t sleep too much so probably won’t help too much with my cortisol levels or my recovery or my clean weight gains.

Anyways, I’ll try to post some details about the food that I eat. Today:

10:00 – 6 scrambled eggs, some macadamia nuts, half sweet potato, apricot, some salad
14:30 – clams (not sure if it was enough to even count it as a lunch)
20:00 – some lamb head, lamb meat, salads (some with mayonnaise), apricots, chocolate, ice cream, lots of nuts.

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