Day 5

Weight: 81.7

The fasting isn’t working obviously. Will try a new strategy — Monday through Thursday: 15 hour fast every day with BCAA when I’m skipping meals; Friday through – Sunday: no fasting.

Workout: Weightlifting

It’s my third day working on heavy weights and pretty much my whole body is very tired. It was supposed to be a rest day, but I won’t be able to do the weightlifting on the weekend, so I decided to do it today.

6x20kg, 5x40kg, 4x50kg, 4x50kg, 4x50kg, 4x50kg

Clean & Jerk:
4x50kg, 4x60kg, 4x70kg, 4x70kg, 4x70kg, 4x70kg

Snatch grip deadlift high pull:
4x60kg, 4x60kg, 4x60kg, 4x60kg

Clean grip deadlift high pull:
4x80kg, 4x80kg, 4x80kg, 4x80kg


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