Day 3

Weight: 82.0kg

I was pretty disappointed when I stepped on the scale this morning. I was definitely eating a lot more calories the last few days. Not sure why I didn’t gain any weight. It might be the 15 hours fast I do every day.

Will try to bump the calories a bit more and start the Creatine. If things don’t change, I’ll have to replace the fasting time with one day fast a week.

Workout: Weightlifting

5x20kg, 5x30kg, 5x40kg, 3x50kg, 2x60kg, 2x65kg, 2x65kg, 2x65kg, 3x60kg

Clean & Jerk:
3x50kg, 3x60kg, 3x70kg, 2x80kg, 2x85kg, 2x90kg, 2x90kg, 1x90kg, 3x80kg

Front Squat:
3x80kg, 3x100kg, 3x90kg, 3x90kg, 3x90kg

It was nice that the coach let me lift a bit more weights than usual (65kg snatch and 90kg C&J). Usually he keeps me on the light weights, even though I have a lot more strength.

Let the eating fest continue!

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