9kg in 45 days muscle gain challenge

Got inspired by an article to try and see how much lean-ish weight and strength I can gain in 45 days.

My current weight is around 81kg and my goal is to get to 90kg by the end of the 45th day. Basically my plan is to bump my calories quite a bit and combine that with intermittent fasting, CrossFit metcons, sprints, weightlifting and classic bodybuilding exercises. Ideally, this should allow me to avoid putting on too much fat.

Workouts plan:

Monday: Light weightlifting ( Each minute on the minute ); Upper body hypertrophy;
Tuesday: Rest / Recovery
Wednesday: Heavy weightlifting;
Thursday: Upper body strength;
Friday: Rest / Recovery
Saturday: Heavy weightlifting;
Sunday: CrossFit metcons / sprints workout

Misc notes:

– I’m going to weigh every morning to see if I’m on track ( 1kg every 5 days, 0.5 every 2-3 days ) and make any corrections to my diet if needed.
– Will start with 15 hours fasting a day and switch to 24 hours once a week if I can’t get enough food within the 9 hours interval.
– Planning to take few supplements: omega-3, creatine, BCAA, protein powder and maybe enzymes.
– Eat more calories on the days I workout and less on the rest days. Mostly from reduced carbs intake.

Will be using Paleo foods as much as possible:

– Protein – Lean Meat, Eggs, Fish and Protein Powder.
– Carbs – Vegetables/Fruits, Sweet Potatoes, Dark Chocolate.
– Fat – Avocados, Olive oil, Palm oil, Nuts, Almond butter.

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