Workouts update

I am a little bit behind on the workouts updates. Short summary of what I’ve been up to since I last posted:

I’ve been doing quite a bit of CrossFit again

Found this super awesome gym – Yuli’s gym, that’s one of those places I’ve always loved. Full of people that are super cool and doing the things they love for the passion of it.

Obviously my cardio is pretty bad after such a long time without any endurance exercises, but I’m having lots of fun.

Saturday and Sunday were pretty interesting.

Saturday we did team competitions. Men vs Women. We did 3 workouts:

1. For the men, 3 rounds of:
63 pull-ups
63 Thrusters with 24kg kettlebell
63 SDHP – 24kg kettlebell
63 Swings – 24kg kettlebell

2. Squatted hold of 24kg kettlebell for as long as we can

3. Burpees and planks for as long as we can

We lost the 1st workout, won the 2nd and ended up with a draw on the 3rd. It was brutal. I don’t think I’ve ever done 3 workouts in a row before and I’m so out of shape.

On Sunday, Yuli invited this Bulgarian weightlifting world champion – Zdravko Stoichkov, to teach us how to do Cleans properly. It was very very exciting. He changed my technique quite a bit, and now I am looking forward to try my Clean max again.

On the powerlifting side

I had a workout where I had to do 1 reps max of front squat. I tried with 105 and it was super easy. I feel like I have 20kg more I can add.

On the bench press, I could easily do 3 series of 4 reps with 110kg, which is a PR for me.

I also gained some wegiht, I’m about 88 kilograms right now.

Tomorrow I plan on doing a CrossFit workout at Yuli’s gym and a some strength work before that. Also want to try some cleans with more weight. We’ll see how it goes.

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