Bench Press

Bench press day again. It was on Saturday, so I had lots of time and I took it. Nice and long workout, hit the chest hard and also managed to do some biceps/triceps and good amount of abs exercises.

5×4 Bench presses @ 100, 110, 110 (3), 105, 105, 105
5×8-10 Inclined bench presses (used the 32.5 dumbbells)
4×12-15 Dips
4×12-15 Push-ups

4×10 – Biceps with dumbbells
4×10 – Triceps on the machine
X – L sits
A bunch of pullups.

I noticed that I’m getting stronger on the bench. Pretty excited.

Also I seem to have gained some weight.. somehow. Yesterday I saw 88kg on the scale. Probably fat.

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