CrossFit again – Yay!

Went to the Yuli’s gym yesterday and it was pretty awesome.

After more than two months of powerlifting and bodybuilding exercises, it was very nice to get back to CrossFit.

Also Yuli is a great guy. We got tons of attention. He also improved my deadlift, clean and gave me awesome tips on what I need to stretch and how to stretch it.

Strength Workout:
Deadlift – 3RM

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:
95 pound Sumo deadlift high pull
Lateral jumps, over 24″ obstacle

On the deadlift, I did 3 reps on 150kg. It was pretty easy, but for some reason I was kind of scared to pull hard on 160kg as my back still hurts.

I scaled the WOD to 71 pounds for the SDHP and 16 inches for the jumps. My time was around 10 minutes.

Few tips I got:
– I should keep my belly tight when doing the Deadlifts. Hard to spot and be corrected by the coach, but keeping the belly tight will offload the back. This lessens the risk of getting back problems and increases the power output.

– When doing the Deadlifts, I should try to slightly pull the weight towards me until I pass the knees. This way I’ll include the back ( more muscles ) and will be able to pull more weight.

– On the upper position of the Deadlift, I shouldn’t overarch my back. Instead I should stretch my tendons, so I can push my pelvis forwards. Overarching on the upper position puts a ton of stress on my back.

– Arching the back while pulling the weight on the Deadlift would give me more strength as that’s when the back is the strongest. It increases the likelihood to get injured by a lot though.

– Unlike the Deadlift, when doing Cleans until I get the weight just above the knees, I should not extend my hips. I need to save the power for the explosion above the knees. Yuli says I could clean over 100kg if I fix my technique.

– He also recommended going to a chiropractor and gave me some contacts. He says, by doing that periodically I’d reduce the risk of injuries. I’m pretty excited to go as I have some back pain right now.

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