Shoulders on half N.O. Xplode dose

Decided to give the N.O. Xplode a shot again, but with a half dosage so I don’t get insane this time.

I was able to repeat the weights from last time, which was pretty good and kind of surprising to me.

6×4 – Shoulder Press
5×8-10 – Shoulder Press Machine
4×8-10 – Front Barbell Raise
4×8-10 – Dumbbell Deltoid Raise
4×12-15 – Dumbbell upright row
4×10 – Triceps pushdown
During the workout I also did a bunch of L-sits and weighted sit-ups.

The weights for the shoulder press – 65, 70, 69, 69, 69, 69. Probably because of the NO booster I got super pumped up with blood and my strength dropped significantly for the additional exercises.

Overall I’m pretty happy with the workout. Tomorrow I’m going to try the Yuli’s gym for a CrossFit workout.

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