A proper deadlift technique

The fact that my back started hurting me few days ago made me think, I should reconsider the technique on my exercises and become open to new ways of doing the exercises I’ve done for years now.

After some reading ( mostly the CrossFit training guide ) I came up with few points that I’m looking now for:

– Stick to the shoulder-wide stance.
– The shoulders should be pushed back and downwards.
– The arms should be perpendicular to the floor for as much of the movement as possible.
– The armpits should be facing each other.
– When the bar is on the ground, the shoulders should be a bit in front of the bar.
– Concentrate on pushing with the heels.
– Leave the bar on the ground between the reps.

All of these, especially the last one, cut the maximum weights I can lift in my workouts, but I believe this to be for the better if it would keep me without injuries.

The workout today:

Deadlift – 7×4 @ 120, 130, 130, 120, 120, 110, 110
Dumbbell Swings – 5×4
Calves – 4×25
Biceps – 4×8-12

I still have to take it easy because of my back. It would probably be the same for at least a week more.

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