Weekend Destruction

After every weekend like this one, I think how ungrateful this sport is.

The 3 days, 10 hours of sleep total, not enough food but good amount of alcohol, 3 kilograms bodyweight down and completely exhausted.

That’s how I did my workout today. Also the N.O. Xplode turned out to be crazy. I got so pumped up, that I couldn’t stay on one place. I think because of it, I pushed myself too hard on the squats the last time and now my back hurts and I’m afraid of lifting heavy.

My goal was to pretty much do just enough exercise, as to not lose strength until I recover from the weekend:

Back Squats: 5 @ 70kg, 4 @ 90kg, 4 @ 100kg
Front Squats: 4×6-10 @ 70kg
Standing leg curls: 3×10
Leg extensions: 3×10
Calves: 1×30
Pull-ups: 5×5
Biceps: 2×8-10

I’m broken.

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