First day on N.O. Xplode

Decided to give N.O. Xplode a shot. Ordered one yesterday and today was my first day on it. Didn’t notice anything yet, except that my stomach didn’t really like it.

Squat day:

6×4 Back Squats
4×8-10 Front Squat
4×4 Standing leg curls
4×4 Leg extensions

I was definitely stronger than last time. I guess this powerlifting thing is working. Used 105kg for all 6 sets and was able to finish the 4 reps on all sets. For the front squats I tried 70kg at first, but I was too exhausted from the back squats to be able to push to 10 reps, so I dropped the weights to 60kg for the rest of the sets.

Pushing the BS was quite hard the last few sets and I think I’m feeling some damage on my back. Good thing there are a few days of rest before the next squats. I’ll do more reading on the proper form, as I feel my problem is that I don’t keep up the weight on my heels all the time.

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