PR on the squats

I was quite tired today because I had to do lots of travelling and not sleeping, but still decided to do my workout for the sake of training my will power.

6×4 Back Squats
5×8-10 Front Squats

For the back squats I decided to try going heavier. My plan is to improve 2.5kg a week on the basic exercises, so in 4 months I could gain +40kg on everything. Pretty ambitious, I know.

Since there aren’t 1.25kgs in the gym, I went – 105, 104, 100, 100, 100, 100. 105 was quite heavy for me but I managed to squeeze 4 reps. There is obviously an improvement from last time as then I used only 100s and on the last set I couldn’t do 4 reps.

For the front squats, I used 70kg. It wasn’t really heavy.

Also today, I tried to do most of the sets without a powerlifting belt, as to not get used to it and predispose myself to injuries.

I felt that these squats were enough given my super-tired state and decided to end the workout there.

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