A cool gym in Varna

Last month when me and my brother were exploring the gyms in Varna, we came upon this cool gym in the center of the city. It’s pretty spacious, filled with cool people and well priced.


I was looking forward to do my shoulders workout there:

5×4 Military press
5×10 Smith machine ( explosive )
4×8-10 – Dumbbell Deltoid Raise
4×8-10 – Front Barbell Raise

For the shoulder presses I used 65, 60, 60, 60, 60, 60. Pretty disappointed, as last time I was able to use 65 in all sets. My guess is that this is because a) my chest is still sore from the bench presses day and b) the barbells in this gym are proper barbells and the 2.5kg on the sides I used this time were real weights instead of clippers.

I enjoyed using the smith machine, but unfortunately I don’t have that in the gym I currently go. I’d probably try a new gym in my neighborhood.

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