The grip is still a problem

Deadlift day again:

6×4 Deadlifts
5×10 Barbell Rows
5×10 Good mornings
5×10 Dumbbell upright row
4×7 Biceps with dumbbells

On the deadlifts, I did 134,134,124,130,130,124 (776 total). Last time the sum of my heaviest 6 series was 760, so this was a decent improvement. Again the limiting factor was my grip strength. I feel like I have power for way heavier deadlifts. Thus, at the end of the workout I did some bar hanging to improve my grip. For the barbell rows, used 100kg for all 5 series. I could go heavier next time.

At the end of the workout, added a biceps exercise as this is the only day I can fit it in.

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